Two things

In Fry’s today, buying software for work (Windows 2000), the cashier asked me what I was going to do with my purchase. I said, “uh, I’m going to use it at work” all the while wondering if he was testing me for possible software piracy (which, of course, I may also be doing). He said…

“Oh…I’d like to invite you to my website.”

“Uh…okayyyyyy…” /smiling quizzically/

“It’s my website, at least I hope it’s a good website.”

“Uh…okayyyyy. Ummm, mabe just write it on the back of the receipt there?”

“oh yes” /smiles/ “that would be good…that’s two T’s and one R.”

You know how when you’re watching TV, and you have to go to the bathroom? You usually wait until a commercial, and then make haste towards the loo. If you’re like me (and most guys) you start unbuckling your belt, and undoing your pants as you walk up the restroom.

Which is fine.

Unless you’re at work.

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