Check out East Coast/West Coast, yet another blog that probably everyone already knows about except me. Self described as the following:

East Coast/West Coast is a bi-coastal personal web site for two best friends living on opposite sides of the United States.

It features the continuing adventures of:


At heart I am a camgirl, at heart I am a journaller. Lick it up, baby, lick it up. And don’t fence yourself in. Free your ass and your mind will follow.



I’m single, I’m an Aries, 37 years old, 6′, 175#, had a blast doing Puppetmaster and I’m finishing up a year and a half in psychic school. Yeah, I’m clairvoyant, woo hoo!

It’s a pretty cool concept and an interesting voyeuristic experience and I found them in my referrer logs, so, you know…

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