A friend of mine is visiting her grandmother in the wilds of Oregon for a few days. She just called me, rather frantically, in a fashion mostly like this:

ring, ring…pick-up

Him: Hello?

Her: OHMYGAWD I just got money out of the bank!

Him: Okay…pause pause So you’re in Oregon, then?

Her: Yeah! It’s beautiful up here! I’d forgotten.

Him: mmmm-hmmm mmmm-hmmm mmmm-hmmm…increasing confusion So…bank, huh? Why is that so cool?

Her: Because they didn’t have any ATM’s, and I had to go through the drive-thru teller and talk to a real person! I haven’t done that since I was, like, 12!

Him: Ooooohhhhhhh!

Funny the things that just fade away without you noticing. She’s right, I haven’t done that in a long time; and, probably not since I was 12 and riding in the back seat of our ’74 Buick. I got excited after realizing this and asked her if she had to use those suction thingies. She said no, it was just the tray. Ah well.

It shall be interesting to see which of you will know what I mean by “suction thingies” and which of you have never seen one…

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