With a name like Bubble Body Wear, we would all expect to see something like this:

Nice young lady

Fantasies of the Wild West

UPS fetish

The bubble bra and panty set, what could be more natural?

You know, the usual.

But would you have ever expected this?

I think we can safely say that we could definitely all use a:

World Famous Bubble Business Suit

Be the talk of the town�.Better yet�Be the talk of the boardroom�.Looking for a new friend�.need to make a current friend notice you again�.You’ll definitely get what you need�.what you do after that is your good time!! Wear a tight muscle shirt under your jacket; wear tight running pants or Speedos under your pants, matching socks, clear plastic shoes. Plan a great night out and have a poppin’ great time!!

via Redcricket

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