So I’m pretty much addicted to Facebook now. Checking it every day, writing messages, making wall posts, playing poker…it goes on and on. It’s kind of sad, really. The real problem is that I don’t have that many (virtual) friends, and it occurs to me that the reason for that is that all of my real friends are my age. That being the age where you are married, and have kids, and don’t have time for childish pursuits such as Facebook.

Pardon me while I weep for a second.

So yeah, Facebook is the new black.

Speaking of being a dork, I’m going to China again next week. That’s not the dorky part. The dorky part is that, in the parts of China that I go to there is nothing to do other than (at least until my Chinese get better):

.: melt in the humidity
.: work out alone in the hotel gym
.: walk around the town and get stared at
.: watch TV

The problem with the last one is that there are exactly 2 TV stations broadcasting in English. One is some weird HBO channel that is the real HBO, but plays movies that even the US HBO won’t play at 2PM on a Wednesday. Movies where giant snakes attack a highschool basketball team, or where the dialog is so awkward and stilted that you end up yelling at the screen to just shuttup shuttup SHUTTUP! The other is the BBC world news, which isn’t so bad except that: it replays every couple of hours, and it’s only BBC World News for a few hours a day, and then it reverts back to…well I don’t know what it reverts back to, it’s all Chinese to me. AND, the hours that it’s on are a moving target; I cna never seem to find it at the same time on the same day.

SO, because I travel relatively often, I’m trying out a Slingbox (it’s on loan from my friend). So far, I’m totally enamored. TV on my laptop, anywhere? Awesome.

And here’s the dorky bit: The TV in my living room is on, playing the DVR’d Mythbusters that I wanted to watch, and I’m in my bedroom, typing this on one of my two laptops, watching the same program on Slingbox.


And there’s some lag between the DVR, and what I see on my laptop, as the signal whizzes out of my network connection and then back in again. So I can hear the TV in the living room a few seconds off the laptop right in front of me, creating this cacophony of dorkiness in my apartment.

Oh, and it’s a gorgeous day outside, too.

Now, to get Netflix running at the same time…

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