So I’m off to China…again. I won’t be leaving until week after next, but this makes my…well, to be honest, I’m not sure how many times I’ve been to China.

It’s not that many compared to other business travelers. I don’t think I’m even in double digits, yet; but, any time you spend more than 10 hours in a plane to go to a place that you’re not going for pleasure it’s a kind of a big deal. I don’t really mind going, I even enjoy it, but I start to get really bored when I stay more than a week or so. The area I go to is not a tourist section, and my Chinese isn’t good enough for me to really strike out into the countryside alone…so I spend a lot of time in the hotel. A LOT of time. Partially, this is because of the language problem, and partially because the times I typically go the outside temperature hovers around, roughly, 200 degrees with 5000% humidity.

This time, though, the weather should be pretty mild, and I’ll only be able to stay a week because Chinese New Year is right around the corner and if I don’t leave before then there will be no one left in the city to take me to the airport.

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