Overheard Exchange at Fry’s over PSII Games:

Jock-Nerd #1: Dude, this game totally kicks ass!

Jock-Nerd #2: Really?

JN1: Yeah, man, it’s sweet! I played it at Bill’s and it was awesome!

Jock-Nerd #3: I can’t wait to play this one…

JN1 & 2: Yeah!

JN3: Dude, the first one…the first in the series was fuckin’ scary, I can’t wait to see what the second one’s all about.

JN2: (incredulous) Whaaaaat?

JN3: Yeah, dude. You turn out all the lights, and turn up the sound, and it would be fuckin’ scary when stuff would jump out at you and shit.

JN2: Cool…

extended pause

JN1: Dude, I got scared getting up to take a piss last night…

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