So what have I been doing, lately. I’ve been in mourning, mostly. Not for a loss of life, thankfully, just the loss of my soul…which in retrospect, I think I dropped a long time ago. It’s about a girl, of course. THE girl, really, or at least it feels that way. Life isn’t fair, bla, blah, blah.

In the interim, I’ve done some stuff. I’ve gone to art exhibits, I’ve been the saddest person at parties, I’ve gotten out of bed to head back out into Hollywood and end up drunk and on a couch and able to forget a little bit, I’ve had pizza at 3AM, I’ve gone to the Viper Room to honor the Phoenix and see the greatest rock band on Earth…and I’ve worked.

Jebus have I worked.

Next week is CES in Vegas; a mecca for the tech dorks among us, and for a product designer like me, the place you go to show off your wares. It’s like a comic book convention, just more well-funded and international. The thing is, it’s in January. All of your real stuff already came out in time for Christmas, and the new stuff you’re working on isn’t ready, yet. But you can’t show up to the party empty-handed, right? That would be just rude. So you make prototypes. You use smoke, and also mirrors, and you create the illusion of well-made finished items that impress and amaze your friends. And to do that, to impress and amaze your friends, takes a lot of work, and a lot of skill, and a lot of time. A lot of time. 18 hour days. Working on the weekends. Working on the holidays.

But it’s over now and I’m going to Vegas Monday/Tuesday…and I’m going to enjoy it if I have to force myself to. I won’t be sleeping.

Oh, and I’m growing a mustache for an unrelated reason. It’s deliciously terrible.

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