Houston, we have a problem…a sexy problem. – Homer Simpson

Some Items of Little Interest to You, but Somewhat to Me in Relation to My Trip to Hawai’i:

– I learned how to spell Hawai’i correctly

– On the plane-ride there, a woman was cutting her fingernails (gross!)

– …into her purse (polite, granted, but still!)

– The only people who get lei’ed when they step off the plane are the Brady Bunch. C’mon, you remember

– According to dictionary.com, sandblast is defined as: a blast of wind laden with sand…it sure is Billy, it suuuure is.

– Smoking in bars/clubs is allowed in Hawai’i (shocked dismay from others of you in Cali, bemused apathy from those who are not). This makes Dave very smelly after dancing till 4

– Hawai’ian shirts are cool

– Hawai’i is a lot like Tijuana. It’s hot, there are lots of bars, prostitutes roam the streets, everyone’s relaxed, and there are miles and miles of junk for sale. If there were street urchins selling Chiclets, I’d never be able to tell the difference.

– Did I mention the hot chicks, yet?

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