HA! I had lunch today at one of my old haunts. It was actually a reunion of sorts, as three of us (out of the original four) were able to attend.

What I found the most amusing was, Nancy, the lady from the roach-coach, still remembered us! She called to us in her heavy Vietnamese accent: “Hello my friends! Have not seen in long time! How many spicy chicken over rice? What building do you work in now?” Keep in mind, we quit more than two years ago, and Matt doesn’t even live in Cali anymore.

This, of course, was exactly the reason why we decided to go back, and it was hilarious. We were laughing with the same kind of glee that prison escapees must feel.

We also rain into one of our old, hated, bosses, which was less than comfortable; and, he greeted us as if we had been there all along. “Hey, the A2100 guys, how’s it going?”

sigh, shudder good times, good times…

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