Mr. Dave’s Wild Ride

Having never been to Tahoe (’cause Mr. Dave is from SoCal), Mr. Dave’s friend, Heather, decided that he absolutely had to go. So they did. When they got there, there was much oooh-ing, and also some awww-ing, and more than a little bit of oh-my-ing.

“Lake Tahoe is very beautiful,” said Mr. Dave.

“Yes, it is,” said Heather.

Mr. Dave and Heather then decided to play in the water. They scampered over some rocks and saw a Playboy-worthy, naked woman (who Heather failed to see, but Mr. Dave saw plenty of) with a naked stud guy (who Mr. Dave failed to see, but Heather saw plenty of). They scampered over some other rocks to another place. Heather handed Mr. Dave some of her clothes. As Mr. Dave turned around, a key fell out of the clothes and into the lake. It was a key to the car.

Oh my.

While Mr. Dave was fishing around in the rocks for the lost key, he slipped and tore off the nail of his big toe. Ouch!

Volkswagen would not help Mr. Dave. AAA would not help Mr. Dave. A nice lady in Tahoe helped Mr. Dave very much and a locksmith helped open the car. Mr. Dave rented another car and he and Heather drove allllllll the way back to Silicon Valley to get the spare key. They went to sleep.

The next day, they drove allllll the way back to Tahoe with the spare key. Uh-oh, the 80 was closed due to it being on fire, they’ll have to go around via the 50. Mr. Dave and Heather think this is a very scenic drive with a lot of trees and nature. Some of the nature comes into the window and stings Heather. Ouch!

7 hours later, they are back where they started. Mr. Dave turns in his rental car late and gets to pay for a whole extra day. Mr. Dave and Heather head back home. The 80 is still closed because of the forest fire, guess they’ll have to take the 50 again.

Hmmm, the 50 is closed because of a big-rig accident. There are no other roads between Lake Tahoe and Silicon Valley. Mr. Dave begins to curse quietly. Mr. Dave and Heather turn off the car and Mr. Dave pantomimes rockets and missiles and lasers blowing up all of the cars. Mr. Dave and Heather laugh. Mr. Dave laughs maybe a little too much, and with a weird smile on his face.

One hour later, the traffic starts moving again and Mr. Dave and Heather drive allllll the way back to Silicon Valley. Mr. Dave just got back home and he is very tired.

Mr. Dave also just realized how annoying it must be that he keeps referring to himself as Mr. Dave.

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