Went to a SF giants game last night, which means absolutely nothing except that I totally rode the Coke slide.

Afterwards, there was much playing of NHL 2001 where I learned that I have not the spirit of the killer (which is in direct conflict with my general loathing of humanity). Let me give you the sitch:

We were at a friend of a friend’s house who is pretty much a hockey fanatic. I have only the basic guy-knowledge of hockey (not to mention baseball [which is actually pretty significant…you’d be surprised how much we’re forced to learn in the secret guy-meetings…but then I’ve already said too much]), but I am always willing to play video games. So, the friend of a friend had bought this game earlier that day, and had consequently not even opened it, yet. Consequently, there was a bit of an unveiling ceremony in her living room replete with angelic fanfare, sacrifices, and divine inspiration.

At any rate, we eventually started playing two on two: me and the friend vs. the friend of a friend and a friend of the friend of a friend (got it?). First game? 5-0 us. *ouch* I felt bad about this as, even though it’s just a game, the friend of a friend seemed pretty excited about it. Fast forward an hour, final game tallies: 5 games to 0, us. *ouch times two* I had even stopped shooting after the second game, and purposely passing the puck to the wrong side, but to no avail.

As we’re leaving, I turn to my friend and ask if she had had any compunctions about the thorough routing we’d just handed to her best friend. She blinked, and said, “uh, what?” meaning that it had never even occurred to her. I, however, was racked with guilt, proving once again that if I ever have to play Trivial Pursuit for my life, I�ll be taking a dive in more ways than one. I am such a sucker�

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