There’s a junior high school near my apartment that I often go and shoot baskets at if I get home early enough from work. Usually, I rush over there, mess around for about an hour or so, and then rush back. Today though, I decided to wander around a bit and cool off. I was thirsty, so I thought I’d go in search of a drinking fountain. I didn’t find one.

I did, however, find three Pepsi machines and a one selling water. And these weren’t ordinary vending machines, either. These were the kind that spit out those larger, 20 oz. bottles; which this particular edifice of edification was selling for a mere $1.25!

In addition to that, the water machine wasn’t even selling regular water (despite the huge picture on the front). It instead had different flavors of sugared water, and I think a choice of iced tea. This is disturbing to me. Although I don�t follow this edict now, I can�t help but think caffeine and sugar are not all that good for 12 year olds. Furthermore, I�m surprised the teachers would be too terribly excited about a whole classroom full of kids on a sugar-high (only to come crashing horribly down during History).

OK, the above isn�t entirely true. I did find one drinking fountain (one!). It was over by the cafeteria and looked largely unused. Even with its existence, you have to admit that one fountain is pretty sparse for an entire junior high school. In my day, we had drinkin’ fountains every 10 paces if t’were a mile! And we liked it!.

It�s funny how things stick with you, too. Before taking a drink, I did what we all did back in The Day: pushed my thumb down and let the water run awhile until it got cold�

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