For some reason, my mom keeps getting me a subscription to Prevention magazine. Now, she�s a self-admitted health-food nut (at least that�s what I call her) and is very in to the whole vitamin, no sugar-cereal, exercise, communist-voodoo mindset. To give you an idea of my childhood, two words:

13 vitamins a day

Of course, I�m much better for it now, and appreciate the now veritable temple that masquerades as my body. Even so, I don�t know if some of these Prevention articles are really things that should apply to me:

– At Last! Banish Cellulite, our Fast & Easy PROVEN Solution
– Maintaining Your Health at Menopause
– Fit & Firm – Get Slim Thighs Fast!

I think this helps to illustrate my theory that my parents really wanted a girl, especially when considering all those pink outfits and Barbie dolls I had as an infant. Well, that, and the time my dad sat me down to have �The Talk� with me which began, �Son, we wanted a girl…�

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