I am having a f-a-s-t day, or at least one that I am required to move quickly through. My day started at 9:30 with a blur of offsite client meetings (well as much of a blur you can sustain in a 3-hour meeting. I tend to usually snap into focus somewhere around 2 hours, so…), and I’m only now getting into the office for the first time. Now, I have to respond to the billion (read 40) e-mails that would typically be taken care of by 11, fix the printer (did I mention I’m the ad hoc IT guy here?), get ready for a conference call with HP and Singapore (yes the entire country), and this is the second day I’ll be skipping lunch.

What does this all mean to you? Absolutely nothing. More importantly, it means very little to me, as today is all sunshine, lollipops,and rainbows…everywhere.

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