My dad is hilarious. We have a very similar sense of humor, and every time I talk to him he says at least 5 things that really crack me up; so much so that I even giggle (I mean “chuckle”, yeah, grrr, football, beer, mucle cars) about them later. In talking to him a few minutes ago, he mentioned that he and my mom were about to go out and buy him a new suit. Being a guy who wears mostly jeans to work, I was incredulous, and hilarity ensued:

Me: “Whatdya need a new suit for?!”
Dad: “Well, you know…the more you wear a suit, the smaller it gets.”
Me: “Well yeah, of course, so…?”
Dad: “So, I have a few suits, that I’ve worn so many times over the years…”
Me: “Ahh, I understand…”

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