So, I know I’m probably the last one (including the three other people I was with), but I went and saw Traffic last night. Despite the fact that *drool* Salma Hayek was only in it for 30 seconds, it was an awesome movie. However, there are reasons that I don’t go to see movies that often, and they were all represented last night:

– Ticket cost: $9.25
– The trio of girls giving the running commentary (although they were hilarious [rough excerpt: at dinner at the Judge’s (Michael Douglas) house. Mom is telling daughter, Caroline, how her father knows the president. Reply from girls as the Caroline character: “Really? I smoke dope!”] OK, maybe you had to be there.)
– *sigh* cell-phones-cell-phones-CELL-PHONES! Even after someone’s La Cucaracha ring elicited a, “Turn that shit off!” followed by applause, people were still taking calls.
– The person behind me who bought the super jug of popcorn. I know that that’s perfectly acceptable movie behaviour, but the steady *crunch* pause *crunch* pause *crunch* was driving me crazy.
– The fact that I was surrounded by seething humanity

Besides that, though, good times, good times. And sitting in the dark with your friends is always fun.

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