My friends think I’m weird. Luckily, it’s in a harmless way.

I brought my cameras with me to both: take pictures of friends as one is wont to do when with old friends, and take pictures of cars as per my earlier post. As I was explaining my intentions to them, they kind of looked at each other in the backseat, and then looked back at me blankly with polite friend-smiles. There mood turned, however, as they started to see how funny it was when we came up on BLKBTFLY (black butterfly [I think]) and indeed saw a sassy black woman driving her early 90’s MR2. Awesome. By the end of the weekend, I had my friends weaving wildly through traffic to try and catch up to particularly good ones.

Best one that got away:

The Lincoln Navigator with TUNA4ME

And I was sooooo close….

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