I’d like to think it’s because I’m stunningly handsome and instantly unforgettable, but, I’m afraid that it’s much more likely that I’m one of the Westerners here. Either way, it is impossible for me to blend in here (in China), and after a mere week the greeter at the restaurant downstairs already knows that I’m in room 1322 and I prefer tea over coffee (yeah, I don’t drink coffee). The one room service lady who speaks English which they have to run to find every time I call has already remarked that I sure seem to like the Chinese food, because I keep ordering it day after day (this is true, however I would also argue that it could be because the Eastern take on Western food is astoundingly bad).

So you’re thinking, “sure, but you’ve been there a week and they see you every day.” True, but there are hundreds of people in this hotel, many of whom I’ve seen on multiple occasions, and the only thing that differentiates me from them is… well there are several, but the most obvious is that I’m a Westerner.

OK, and I’m a foot taller than everyone else.

Incidentally, speaking of Western food, I don’t miss it. If i had to pick one kind of food to eat the rest of my life, it would definitely be something from Asia. Having said that, though, I am starting to crave cheese. I’m not sure why Asia isn’t big on the dairy (refrigeration issues? no fields for grazing? just not interested? I dunno) but my body has noticed a conspicuous lack of cheese in my diet.

Last thing: you get so used to not talking to anyone when you’re in Asia, that when I got in the elevator with a blond haired, blue eyed girl, I just stared at her mutely for a second and then nodded my head in greeting. You’d think, starved for attention as much as I am, I might at least of said “hello”.

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