For a Short Time Only: A Two-Part Nonsensical Post! Tell your friends!

: What does it say about a person when your friends fish a length of copper pipe out of the trash to save for you?

: Things on my desk at home:

    – an electronic stapler
    – a self-made sundial
    – a new pen
    – a model of a human skull with a removable “head lid”, under which I have placed a Post-It note with “Hi…” written on it. Expressly because in the unlikely event that someone opens said skull, I would like that they were then properly greeted.
    – a box of Girl Scout cookies: Samoas
    – a sketch of a thingy I’d like to build that I thought of last night
    – a list of ideas for a friend’s birthday present that will probably never come to fruition
    this thing
    – requisite lamp, computer, and cup-o-pens
    – one half-empty cup of chi
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