As 95% of you are visiting because of a link on her site (the other 1% being my parents, leaving the remaining 4% being me from different office computers to artificially inflate my hit count… I mean, nothing), you probably know that I was posting Mighty Girl’s blogs for her while she was in the wilds of Bali. As most of you also probably know, you can add people to your “team” in Blogger so that they can post stuff.

So here it is, first day back, and she has already unceremoniously kicked me off her team! It’s 4th grade all over again, picked last for kickball, and that because the PE coach didn’t want me sitting next to him on the bench. After all we had together, you think it would have at least warranted a phone call, if not a face-to-face separating. There wasn’t even the indecisive back and forth over the next several weeks, slowly weaning me out of her blogging life. I know what you’re thinking, maybe she found someone else. Well, I only wish, because at least then she’d have someone better than me to throw in my face. But no, there isn’t anyone else, I’m simply out. *sigh* Remember kids, it’s a cruel, cruel world out there, and you’re pushing it if you even get out of bed.

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