Speaking of hair, in a conversation with my parents it was somehow mentioned that I wash my hair every day. They (“they” because, you know, they speak as one) asked, “Every day? We only wash ours every few days or so.”

Say what?!

It’s weird what you take for granted when you don’t have anyone else around to observe you. Even if you’re married (or some derivative thereof), you probably don’t have someone near you/with you when you’re taking a shower often enough to notice (or even care about) your SFR (Shampoo Frequency Ratio). You therefore blithely and blissfully go through Life thinking that whatever you’re up to is the same as what everybody else is, err, up to.

With these thoughts in mind, I took an impromptu poll of people I happened upon (about a dozen) and found that only about 40% of us wash our hair every day. Which means, of course, that 60% of you are dirty godless heathens.

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