Interesting article from FEED summarizing the energy situation in California. It paints us as being wide-eyed and naive with real hopes for a Hollywood ending. At least it also implies we have fashion sense, though:

“The fossil-fuel business is the Old Economy at its most primeval and piratical. It’s not run by dot-com guys in moleskin slacks and polo shirts. It’s run by genocidal warlords in berets. “

Or something.

At any rate, I find it interesting how easily we can take a cavalier attitude to this sort of thing, and languidly hope that everything turns out OK in the end. In Russia (and by “Russia” I mean any stereotypically grim country where things are assumedly worse than here) they’d be lining up around the block to stockpile sterno and candles by now. Err, that is to say, I’m not the only one watching TV with all the lights on and pretending this isn’t happening, am I?

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