Taking into account that she’s an intelligent, well-read, senior editor for a magazine, I for someone reason found it really funny that while playing Scrabble yesterday, Meg was heard to exclaim, “I only have, like, ONE consonant [pause, pause] I shit you not!!!”

Having been harangued by, err, someone for the above, I’ve decided to append a more flattering (although fake) anecdote about the aforementioned evening. Again taking into account how she works in the literary field, I was duly impressed when she cleared all of her tiles with “quoroms”. That “q” really racks up the points, especially on a triple word score. Plus, you get 50 bonus points for using all of your tiles, so… Who ever comes up with words like that, anyway? I’m usually stuck with stuff like “cat” and “a”. Of course, I was luckily able to come up with more “cats” than she was “quoroms”, which resulted in my, humbly, kicking her ass.

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