It should come as no surprise to regular floorpie readers (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) that I have trouble sleeping. Be it insomnia that keeps me up at night, or just the simple fact that I don’t really go into a deep, deep sleep, for the last several years I haven’t really had what I could be described as a truly restful slumber.

Because of this, I don’t really dream that much… or, more correctly, I at least don’t remember my dreams that much (I heard somewhere that you dream every night, whether you remember them or not. I would argue that if I don’t get that much deep REM sleep, I at least probably don’t dream all that long making the stories all that more… forgettable. Case in point:)

This morning, while in the shower… in fact, some 6 minutes ago because as I write this I’m sitting on my couch in a towel… I remembered that in my dream last night I had cleaned out the inside of my ear, Q-tip style, with my keys and that it had been a “good one”.

And that’s it.

Ignore the details that I apparently regularly clean my ears with my keys and that I ever think of the result as “good ones”, and focus on the fact that this is the ONLY thing I remember from my dream last night. Sad.

Then, it struck me: maybe it wasn’t that this was the only detail I remember; maybe this was my entire dream. Even sadder.

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