my last day was tomorrow

I was walking on the beach in Santa Barbara with my mom today. She was talking to me about my dad, and how he’s getting close to retirement age…but what would he do all day if he were to retire?

She went on to talk about how work has been his life for many years. How even when on vacation (like today), he still works, and how my mom has given up trying to stop him and instead tries to give him a couple of hours to toil away instead. Because he’s a perfectionist, and always tries to do what’s right, and has a sense of honor in what he does.

I can’t say that I measure up to all of these same characteristics, but I can say that a lot of these qualities also ring true in me, the apple not falling far from the tree. Case in point, as she was explaining all of this to me, I was checking my work email incessantly, responding only with “uh huh’s” every now and again. I’m confident that the various people I’ve gone on vacation with can attest to similar.

Note to self: make sure I have some other hobbies before I retire. Luckily I have the whole photography, guitar, wood working thing going for me at the moment. Hope it sticks.

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