gulpIn response to an earlier commenter, the

Reguirements to be Defined as The Girlfriend (or Otherwise Significant Other)

.: a dedicated toothbrush
.: In the case of females, tampons or other menstrual restriction products. In the case of men, I dunno, beer?
.: met and hung out with at least 75% of your close friends. This can be trumped by having met any family member
.; at least one conversation referencing a hazily-defined future time. “What are you doing this weekend?” does not qualify. “Do you want to go to Paris with me next spring?” does.
.: The exchange of goods on major holidays/anniversaries being of equal or greater value to $25USD. Exceptions can be made for items of extreme emotional value, “You went to my Mamaw’s house, found my Woobie, and had it cleaned? Thank you!!!!”
.: The big three

The rules are, of course, always in flux and open to editing. Please help me out with your own suggestions…

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