Elevator clones

I’m digging the whole B&W; but not really thing I’ve just been recently experimenting with. A technique, I have to admit, that I totally stole from Alecia who does it better.

That’s me in the elevator of my hotel in Huizhou after lasting a solid hour walking outside before beginning to get moist where I shouldn’t be. The humidity. is seriously. killing me. This is why the US will never invade China.

During my wander I realized that I’m a rockstar in China. Everyone I passed unabashedly stared at me. Some said “Hi” or “Ni hao” while others just stared. Many turned around to look at me. Some pointed. I was a little disappointed that none took pictures that I could tell, but maybe next time.

I think it’s also important to note that I am, after a week, still the only westerner that I have seen here.

To continue, I made a 2 or 3 year old girl cry just by my very presence. I wasn’t looking particularly menacing or anything, but apparently the sight of a westerner is enough to make little Chinese girls cry. I can understand that. It isn’t until they get a little older that those tears of terror turn to tears of joy.

That was lame.

I was also approached by a half a dozen 14 year old girls that wanted to try out their English on me. I got “hi!” “hello!”, and then also “hi!” followed by a lot of giggling and looks over shoulders.

I know, I was thinking the same thing, I could have totally scored! [Ed. floorpie.net does not support nor condone sexual relationships with underage girls… though seriously, he totally coulda]

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