Pole-a-PaloozaShow me the money

This isn’t something I normally ever do, but I’m going to ask you for money now.

Maybe you should sit down.

<Shilling> It’s not, strictly for me, though, so there’s at least that. Basically, I’m doing a 100-mile bike ride from LA to San Diego to benefit the MS Society. Between you and me, I’m not exactly sure how my riding a bike with 2,000 other people helps cure MS, but at least I’m getting some fresh air.

Anyway, should you care to make a fully tax-dedctible donation, please visit the MS Bay to Bay website, click Donate to a Rider on the left, and then enter in my name, David Kleeman (goodbye thinly veiled internet anonimity).

Any amount, should you choose to participate, would be greatly appreciated.</Shilling>

More importantly, there is apparently something called the Pole-a-Palooza at the Bellagio Hotel in which, err, dancers compete in… advanced calculus pole dancing. Someone should really send out a memo about these things.

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