I am, once again, trying to conquer my addiction to caffeine and soft drinks. Pepsi, ye are a stubborn bitch. A few months ago, I’d switched over completely to water, or the like, was no longer getting headaches every day and had dropped more than 10 pounds by doing absolutely nothing besides cutting out the cokes.

But then she came back.

At first, it was nothing big, just one every few days when I felt like it. I could easily manage the addiction now that I’d broken it, right? RIGHT?

Then, on the weekends I’d have a few, but they were mixed with run or jack, so clearly that doesn’t count.

Maybe one this morning to wake up, but just today, of course, it’s not like it’s a habit, and I can quit any time.

OK, one per day, but only at lunch. Well if the refills are free

And it went down hill from there. I’m still way under what I used to drink at my peak (I think around 4 or 5 per day), but it’s getting close to being out of hand. I’ve gained back some weight, and the headaches are back, signaling the chemical dependency. So, it’s back to water. Wish me luck.

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