Guns N' RosesI’ve been taking it back to the ol’ skool like an ol’ fool, lately, and listening to a lot of stuff like Guns N’ (Fuckin’) Roses, Anthrax, old Metallica, Steve Vai and Jose Satriani, and then last night that quintessential rock quartet, Mr. Big.

I don’t know what happened, one second I’m all, “Like, ohmygod, isn’t My Chemical Romance like the most amazing band, like, EVER?!” and the next thing I know I’m putting Slayer iron-ons on an old jean-jacket.

By the way, though… GNR? They fucking rock! Re-check them out and remember.

As proof of their rock-cred, Axl Rose was arrested in Stockholm for, you know, biting a security guard. Cause that’s how you roll when you’re a has-been rock-star.

Club Good HurtSpeaking of rock-stars, The Thai Singer is one, even if it’s a Monday night in West LA at Club Good Hurt. Let this be a lesson to all of you club owners out there, by the way: putting your super-hot waitresses in super-hot nurse’s outfits is really just an excellent idea.

My hats off to the marketing team.

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