Here’s a question: take a purely hypothetical situation like, say, you’re really in to this, err, TV show, and you like broadcasting it all the time, spending a lot of time examining the script, and generally watching the hell out of it. The problem is, the TV show is also broadcast on another network and…

Innuendos are hard work.

Again, only with the truth inserted: Say you’re really in to this girl. You like spending time with her, talking on the phone, and generally being wherever it is she is. You’ve gone out a few times, and work meetings in between both of your busy schedules as often as possible. The problem is, she’s dating someone else, (who could more correctly be described as her boyfriend). You didn’t know this at first, because she was always evasive about it… and you didn’t want it to be true, either. Obviously, she shouldn’t be hanging out with you as much, or like, she does. You both know it. You both even talk about it. In fact, you’ll probably talk about it when she comes over tonight.

The question is: is this my problem? Half of my friends say yes, half of my friends say no; but what of the internets? In the past, I’ve been doggedly moral, to the point of denying myself all kinds of good stuff for the undefined greater good. Global morality was not only my problem, it was my responsibility.

Nowadays, I have a different persepctive. I do whatever the hell I want (and beat myself up for it, later).

But seriously, is it my responsibility to make sure someone else does the right thing? Or is all truely fair in love and war?

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