Now serving Number FOUR

A few things of note happened last week:

.: My truck was rear-ended for the fourth time (here’s my post about the 3rd with subsequent links to the 1st and 2nd) in six months. This time, there’s some body-damage, and I’m still not even sure I’m going to bother with pursuing the guy or getting it fixed. The reason being that I’m still too busy trying to solve the problem that happened the day before which was that…
.: one of my tires exploded. Luckily, I have a full-size spare so I’m at least reasonably safe driving around until I get a new tire. Unfortunately, the model I have is apparently not all that common so it is more of a challenge than I would have though.
.: and I crashed on my friend’s bike (through almost no fault of my own). It turns out the machine had some rather spectacular mechanical deficiencies that resulted in a rather spectacular crash. The end result being that I’m limping around not unlike the time I sprained my ankle really badly, and will have to forego the ocean for a while what with the open seeping road rash.

Despite these minor setbacks, I remain in good spirits. The theory has been proposed that this is all karmic whiplash from how I’m living my life. The only thing I could think of that could possibly be construed as a source of negative karma would be the way I’ve been hanging out with the women of LA, lately. In which case, all this stuff is a small price to pay for the fun I’ve been having. I’ll accept the hit happily.

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