I forgot to mention, it turns out I’ll live. Annnnd, I didn’t go to the doctor. I woke up the morning of my appointment, and although I didn’t feel entirely better, I felt well enough that had I felt the same way the day before, I never would have made an appointment. So I powered through, instead.

The fact that I was out until 4 last night is probably not the best way to ease back into things. Then again, back on the horse etc etc.

Last night, M asked me if I was a blogger… because she’s a smart girl and quickly figured out that when I made a joke about something saying, “Dear diary…” and made a typing motion with my hands instead of a writing one, that that obviously meant I probably blogged. I tried to distract her with, “You know, like Doogie Howser,” and even hummed the theme song (how that came to me instantly, I’ll never know), but she didn’t take the bait. So, because I don’t lie, I sheepishly admitted that I do.

I’m not sure what her reaction meant.

I might also have mentioned that I’ve been doing so for something like 6 years, long before she’d even heard of a blog, but instead went ahead and did lie and say that I don’t really write anything personal, just observational… which at the time didn’t feel like a lie because up until fairly recently, that was basically true.

Honesty is the best policy, kids.

So of course I like her which means that (also of course) she is competely wrong for me. I seem to only really really go for the challenging unattainabe girls that aren’t boring to be around. Go figure.

And by unattainable I don’t actually mean unattainable, otherwise I wouldn’t have secrets I’m not teling you about last night.

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