All I could think about while I was driving home today… besides how lucky I am to live in LA… was how I remember to back in the day when the McDonald’s sign had an actual running tally of how many satisfied customers had been served, instead of the “Billions and Billions Served” that’s been up there for years.

I remember being driven by mom in our white 1974 Buick Regal with the maroon leather top past the local McDonald’s and being excited when I noticed that the numbers had changed… that ever more people had been served!

Over 80 Million Served

“Wow!” I thought to myself, “80 million people! That’s way more than in my school!”

It was momentous.

So, I thought about that today, and realized that most likely the majority of the people I’ve been meeting, lately, would have been too young to remember a time when the McDonald’s tally actually meant something. Or, put another way, I’m too old.

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