I’ll give you the executive summary:

.: I took today and yesterday off from work
.: Yesterday I went skiing with friends. It was awesome.
.: Today, the insurance company brought back all of my (salvageable stuff). I’ve been opening boxes like it was Christmas… albeit a Christmas where I had pathetically wrapped all the presents myself weeks earlier, and knew what was in them.
.: Textiles are at an all-time high, and our fiscal outlook looks great, Gene.

I am now about 75% back to normal, which is within 5% of throwing a huge “Burning Down the House Party”. I’m already looking forward to cleaning up the aftermath.

I still need to buy a few big-ticket items like a couch, a TV, a dining room table and chairs, a washer/dryer, and on and on; but, I’m glad I at least have a place to sit down again.

The Simpsons Body Count. A listing of all of the guest actors that have perished since "appearing" on the show. (via Samantha Burns

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