So the rest of you are finally starting to get it. Good.

Bush’s Approval Rating Falls to New Low

WASHINGTON – More and more people, particularly Republicans, disapprove of President Bush’s performance, question his character and no longer consider him a strong leader against terrorism, according to an AP-Ipsos poll documenting one of the bleakest points of his presidency.

Nearly four out of five Americans, including 70 percent of Republicans, believe civil war will break out in Iraq — the bloody hot spot upon which Bush has staked his presidency. Nearly 70 percent of people say the U.S. is on the wrong track, a 6-point jump since February.

“Obviously, it’s the winter of our discontent,” said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla.

It’s only taken 2,300+ American deaths, 33,000+ civilian deaths, 1,300+ Katrina deaths, rising gas prices, torture in Abu Ghraib, a weakening dollar, an unprecedented national debt, and the worst world-opinion of the U.S. in recent memory.

>Oh, and Osama bin Who?

On issues, Bush’s approval rating declined from 39 percent to 36 percent for his handling of domestic affairs and from 47 percent to 43 percent on foreign policy and terrorism. His approval ratings for dealing with the economy and Iraq held steady, but still hovered around 40 percent.

Personally, far fewer Americans consider Bush likable, honest, strong and dependable than they did just after his re-election campaign.

By comparison, Presidents Clinton and Reagan had public approval in the mid 60s at this stage of their second terms in office, while Eisenhower was close to 60 percent, according to Gallup polls. Nixon, who was increasingly tangled up in the Watergate scandal, was in the high 20s in early 1974.

I don’t know what crazy grading system they use in D.C., but from where I come from 36-43% isn’t even an F. It’s an F–. It’s an:

“I’m sorry, but little Billy is going to be left back this year.”

“What? No! How could this be? Harold, did you hear that?! There must be some mistake!”

“I’m sorry I wish there was, but I’m afraid Billy is averaging around a 39%.”

“39%?! Are you kidding me? In that case, Harry, let’s forget that kid, he’s a fucking idiot!”

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