Going to China?I present to you the sum total of my pics from my recently aborted trip to China. Standing in my bathroom, about to go out and meet the taxi, one last quick mental inventory to make sure I have everything I need, and a goodbye picture to start the slideshow with. Wah-waaah.

Friday I went out with the Friday night girl and found out an amazing to me trivia fact: she broke her arm when she was little, making her the only girl I’ve ever met to have broken her arm (I’ve broken my right arm twice, see, and it comes up in my usual This Is Me speech you give when you first meet someone).

The seductive qualities of living in an apartment with nothing but a bed and a chair haven’t been scientifically documented; but if any of you were thinking of taking up this endeavour, give me a call, I have some data I can flesh out your report with.

I also correctly used fercockt in a sentence, which you know is fucking seductive to a Jewish girl.

Yesterday, I failed completely at the Modernica warehouse sale. I had some $600 of furniture ready to purchase, a re-created Noguchi table and a couple of Eames chairs that would have replaced the kitchen table and chairs that were mere kindling in the fire, but I punked out. I started thinking about all of the other stuff I need to buy in the next few months to get my apartment back up to snuff, and couldn’t justify it. I’m, not kicking myself over it this morning, so that’s a good sign.

Then I did some construction at A’s house. Third time is apparently the charm when creating an arched pass-thru in his kitchen.

I’m starting to bore myself, too, but in the interest of historical record-keeping: and then that night was a friend’s birthday where we went to this Brazilian BBQ place. Basically, you sit your fat ass down and yell for them to bring you meat. Actually, I was the one doing the yelling, and it was pissing the dude off, but it was cracking me the hell up. And that’s really what’s important. Then I got my ass handed to me in poker. Who gets a straight and two flushes in less than 5 hands? Answer: the girl who took all my money.

OK, and now I’m waiting on Miniature Golf Girl.

OK, I lied, there was one more picture:


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