The WhalerLiving a mere 10 minutes walk from the beach has its advantages… namely, that it’s a mere 10 minutes walk from the beach. There is nothing more beautiful, exciting, calming, or able to heal more diseases an leap tall buildings in a single bound than the beach. It makes it all worth it (where “it all” is the rent, the having to work, the commute, the indentured servitude, the inconvenient cutting into my social life, the lack of readily accessible Wendy’s, etc etc).

It’s also the easiest and yet best place to take someone ever, as I think Miniature Golf Girl would attest. (whenever I say “miniature golf” out loud, I also repeat it to myself inwardly, except I switch it around to say, “it’s golf in min-i-a-ture” begin very careful to enunciate each syllable very deliberately… What? It cracks me up, OK?)

At any rate, we went down to the beach and had lucnh overlooking the water with the rest of the cool kids. The food is a’ight, but you can’t pay enough for the view.

We then walked the 10 more steps up Washington to the Cow’s End, which is this chill coffee place that I like to go to from time to time… even though I don’t drink coffee. Whe tried to seduce me into doing something, and even though it was all a joke and bullshit, the seduction still worked. Which just goes to show you that feminine wiles are the second most powerful substance on earth (preceded only by “catastrophic natural disasters”).

Walking another 10 steps inlad brings you to a Starbucks where all the people from the Valley, or Utah, go, not knowing that there is an entirely better choice within literal spitting distance.

Finally, back to my place where she commented that the whole ‘only having a bed in my place’ thing made it very clear what my intentions must be, and that instead of replacing my burned-out furniture when I finally get my apartment back, perhaps I should just leave it like it is for fast and easy seduction. She has a point.

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