China by Edward BurtynskyI’m leaving for China tonight and I’ve done just next to nothing by way of preparation. I have all of the assorted chargers and connectivity cables for every gadget I’m bringing piled up on the floor next to my bed, but that’s about it. The list includes:

.: personal cell phone charger
.: office cell phone and charger (with local China number)
.: camera charger and connection cable
.: iPod battery back-up and charger
.: laptop charger and CAT5 cable

Which all means, if you think about it, that I could be carrying up to about $3000 worth of equipment on me at any given time; and if you think that sounds like a lot in the US, you should hear what it sounds like when you say it in Chinese.

Do I need all this stuff? (yes)

I’m not looking as forward to this trip as the last time I went a few months ago for a few reasons.

One, the last time it was a means of escaping the horror that was my living situation what with my apartment burning down. This time it looks like my apartment will be ready to be moved into while I’m gone. I’d rather be here getting my laugh back.

Two, I still feel like I’m coming down with something. More likely, I already had whatever it was, it’s over, and I’ve just all been translated as a general feeling of malaise for the last couple of days. Either way, it would suck to get deathly ill on a 14-16 hour flight.

Three, I went out with the hot girl I met Friday night this Friday night and had a really very good time. It’s just that now it’s like, “Wow, that was incredible, I’m so glad we did this. Well, see you in a month!”

On the other hand, I’m getting a free trip to Asia, what’s there to complain about? I’m looking forward, in particular, to seeing Taipei again, which I haven’t been to since 2003. Remind me I need to pack a toothbrush.

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