As part of my refusing to believe that I could have any lingering effects of last week’s flu, I played tennis with a friend yesterday afternoon. I learned a few things:

1. I don’t, in fact, play tennis
2. I am, in fact, still suffering from the lingering effects of last week’s flu, and finally…
3. I am, indeed, spectacularly out of shape.

Ok, #3 is unconfirmed because of #2, but I have never seen myself so ragged with sweat actually pouring out of me. There were streams of it, rivulets really; and there were puddles forming in my shoes so it squished when I walked. Whenever I would run up and down the court, sheets of the stuff would fly off behind me like a motorboat showing off with a rooster-tail. At one point, I had to strap my water bottle to my head with duct-tape so that I could drink water continuously as I simultaneously lost it out of every single pore.

It was glorious.

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