I think one of the other reasons I don’t sleep that much is that when I wake up, for whatever reason, my mind immediately starts consciously thinking about things… instead of slowly approaching full wakefulness and mental alertness as I imagine most people do. It’s nearly impossible to fall back asleep once I’m up to speed.

For the last two nights, I’ve woken up at almost exactly 5AM, and seemingly instantaneously started thinking about all the things I would have to do that day, or the ongoing things going on that I have to mulll over, or girls, or basketball, or the dream I just had, or on and on and on.

When I woke up early yesterday, I resorted to watching my Chinese copy of The Italian Job (summary: Charlize Theron is incredibly hot) to keep myself occupied until it was actually time to get up. When I wokeup at 5 today, I wrote this post… it being the thing I immediately started thinking about.

That, by the way, is also something I do a lot… mentally compose blog posts. This happens at random times while I’m doing any number of things, and almost never seems to be related to whatever activity I’m engaged in (this morning being an exception). The sad thing is, my mental composition is always better than my written one as I can never exactly remember the nuance and turn of phrase I had come up with.

I realize now, that this is something I have always done. As if giving myself a movie-style narrative to my life. It was only however may years ago that I had the opportunity to start a blog to capture all of these banal thoughts.

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