I have an ammendment to yesterday’s question: why do all of the hott, intriguing women of LA have boyfriends… or no interest in me?

It’s an important distinction.

And, OK, not actually true, but it seems like it when you have a negatively selective memory like I do.

I spent a slightly bewildering night last night with one of these very same women meeting her parents and family, and having dinner with them. But it wasn’t like I was “Meeting Her Parents”, I was just merely “meeting her parents” with no meaning attached to that other than the definition of the individual words.

The slightly bewildering part came from either her mom or aunt (I forget which) who responded to my polite greeting of something like, “Thank you for having me and letting me invade your family gathering,” with, “My pleasure! We’ve been waiting to meet this guy we’ve been hearing so much about!”


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