Karaoke, Mark II

Today was the end of the 6-day work week here in China, which means only one thing… KARAOKE!!!

>Actually, what it really means is: WHOREHOUSE THINLY DISGUISED AS KARAOKE! This time, I only lasted to the second round of 10 girls before I picked one… or more correctly, the mama-san picked her for me because she “spoke English”. Here is her entire vocabulary (and lest you think I’m criticizing, it is equal to my grasp of Mandarin):

– Hi!
– Good!
– You are beautiful
– You prefer big? (grabs her breasts)
– I LOVE you!
– bye-bye! (sad face)

I belted out a good half dozen songs or so, to the thunderous applause of my hosts, of course. I’m a decent singer, but there’s something about China that makes me friggin’ unbelievable. It might also be all the Tsingtao beer… which I actually like… ’cause I’m a beer wuss.

At any rate, this girl was a bit easier to resist as she merely had the second softest skin I have ever felt. She was all over my, err, everything, though, and was working hard to make mama-san happy. This, sadly, was welcome affection considering my string of dating-to-nowheres, lately.

Really, really hard.

One interesting thing, they seem fascinated by facial hair, chest hair, arm hair. I’m not sure if they like it or are just bewildered by it, but my 5 o’clock shadow had her entranced.

>Yes, I realize she was paid to be entranced.

I’ve got to say, as taboo and perverse as it seems to me as an American, I can definitely see the benefits of such an open culture. It’s especially interesting as this is a communist country. For some reason, I would think everyone would be more straight-laced. Also, the girls I talk to at the factories, don’t seem to think there is anything wrong or unseemly in me and my new factory cronies going to the KTV. It is the way things are here.

Upon exiting, mama-san gave me a pouty smile, and kept saying, “sorry, sorry, sorry” as if she had let me down in the girl she had chosen for me. She shimied up to me and gave me a kiss as (I presume) a consolation. Next time, I will be more selective, English or no.


Good times, good times. This is the way that it is here.

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