I thought for sure that the post about the Chinese prostitutes would generate more comments (where by “more” I mean greater than zero). It just goes to show how little I realize what you people are used to. Freaks.

I’ve been in Hong Kong the last few days. It’s one of the most technologically advanced cities in China, yet ironically doesn’t make internet access terribly easy to come by. It’s been incredibly frustrating (and expensive) to not be in a room that was internet enabled. I’d have to do my work, transfer it to a thumb drive I’m dorky enough to carry with me, go down to the “business center” (one lonely computer in a closet), and answer e-mails and transfer files as quickly as humanly possible, as the privilege was costing me US$10 per 15 minutes!


I am currently in an internet cafe with free access, but a rather ingenious queue system in which you can use the computers for free as long as you want… until someone comes by and pushes the button on a timer next to you. After 15 minutes, you give up your seat and get back in line.

“Queue”, by the way, is a word that I have to look up every. single. time. I use it. Somehow, I can never remember how to spell it.

I trust that was just as boring to read as it was to write… possibly more.

I leave Hong Kong for DOngguan today, which, from all accounts, is a lot like Huizho in that it is industrial and harsh. I will most likely, though, have an extremely nice, extremely cheap, room with uninterrupted internet acces. Here’s hoping.

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