Traveling alone makes you me very introspective. I just made a number of calls/text messages that I now immediately regret as I am afforded the time to actually think about them. It’s not that I said/wrote anything particularly scandalous or embarrassing, it’s just that I now realize that all of my statements will have fallen on deaf ears.

This is four calls we’re talking about.

Yes, they were all girls.

Also, either the guy next to me or the woman behind me, here at Gate 105, reeks. I want to get up and move next to the semi-attractive woman in the middle of the terminal; but, I am too tired and too conscious of myself to do so without self-imposed scrutiny and scorn. It takes a lot of energy to start something like that up, you know… especially when small-talk could potentially last 15 hours in this case.

Also, I left my frequent flyer card at the check-in desk. I have an hour to walk all the way out of the boarding area, retrieve it, and come back through security. Now, if I can’t be troubled to chat-up a pretty girl, you know I can’t be bothered to do that.

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