I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but men and women are different.

You’re welcome.

I realized, during my most recent date, that so much of my energy is expended trying to be funny. I’m cracking jokes left and right. I’m poking fun at myself. I’m making silly noises. I’m telling stores with hilarious endings. I’m making witty observations… and I’m happy about it. I feel like I’m running live, like I’m scatting all over the place (the singing kind, not the other thing).

And then I think to myself, “And what is she concentrating on?” Looking beautiful is a given. Probably trying to make sure she doesn’t have spinach in her teeth… check. But what else? She’s telling interesting stories, that’s good; she’s saying a lot in body language, nice… but what else?

>I, of course, don’t know, as I’m not a woman.

Let’s try and think about this logically. When you hear a girl describe what she would like in a man, 9 times out of 10 one of the first things that passes by her lips is, “He has to have a great sense of humor… be funny.” So, it stands to reason that guys would try so hard to do so.
The thing is, I don’t understand what that means women do to attract a man… because last I checked, you couldn’t make your boobs grow just by thinking about it…

(see what I did there? I made a funny.)

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