You don’t know a lot about where I work, but the short summary is that I’m a product designer and I make consumer electronics and accessories for a number of brands. The point being, we have a couple of the new video iPods in the office to evaluate; and, I’ve been playing with it today.


One thing I see in the foreseeable future, though, is people using a lot of time during the day getting caught up on their “stories”. I wonder what this will do to productivity. I am, in fact, watching/listening to an episode of Lost while I type this… which is probably evident from the relative poor quality of said post.

At any rate, the quality is really good (at least to my eyes), and I’m loving the whole idea of watching my favorite Golden Girls episode whenever and wherever the mood strikes me. The irony is not lost on me that I am only now interested in something like this now that Apple has done it (thereby ignoring the fact that devices similar to this have been out for quite a while). I’m no Apple fan-boy, I assure you. I’m not interested in owning a Mac, at least not as a primary computer, but I love my iPod, and think iTunes has definitely revolutionized, at least my, experience with downloading and listening to music. I was an original Napster lemming, and moved to Kazaa when Metallica got them in trouble, but somehow the interface, ease of use, and cheapness of iTunes has me happily paying for music again… and probably video in the near future.

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