David Cross has this sketch where he’s talking about how hott young girls are these days. I think he’s specifically talking about the teenagers that don’t look like teenagers (like Britney Spears back in the day) but whatever the premise, the punch line goes something like: ‘Why should a 15 year old with acne be getting laid? I’m a grown man with skills!’

It’s all in the delivery.

The point being that now, as a 31 year old guy, I look back at my skills as a 15 year old guy with acne, and I just shake my head. Not that I have that much skill now either, unfortunately… but on a relative scale I’m some kind of Casanova now.

Granted, a Casanova without a girlfriend, but that’s hardly the point.

It’s funny how things like this come in to their own when it’s really beyond the best time to use them. They’re not useless, of course; but, if I was me-now when I was me-16, I would have had a much more interesting time in high school… or so I’d like to think.

What I’m really getting at, in a roundabout way, has nothing to do with the ladeez. It has to do with the slowly dawning realization of my own age… and not that I think I’m old, which I don’t. Instead, the dawning realization that other people probably think I’m old. I’m been invisible to little kids for some time now, high schoolers were unable to see me right about the time I graduated college, and now, I fret and worry, the 20-somethings are beginning to see me as only a shadow of my former self as I slowly, almost imperceptibly, edge towards being purely translucent.

As proof of my point, I’ll append a joke to that last little bit. Remember, I ended saying that I was slowly turning invisible… to which I would then jokingly add: “Like Marty in Back to the Future.” *ba-dum-dum-CHING!*
And the 20-somethings born in the 80’s have no idea what I’m talking about. Gamesetmatch.

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