“What’s been going on in my life?” none of you are asking. Well, I’ll tell you: I’ve been going out a lot, working on getting a business started, working on a furniture project, doing some consultant work, mountain biking, holding on to summer, and proactively leveraging my synergies to break down the stove-pipes of the industrial complex to reach a slam-dunk well-matrixed solution.

Nick Cage!All of this pales, however, to the news that Superman lives among us.

It’s become increasingly obvious over the years that Nicolas Cage is crazy as a Michael with a Jackson… at least when it comes to matters of the heart; and, for him to not only name his son Kal-El, but to also convince his young, 21-year old, wife to agree to it, only doubly proves it.

Don’t get me wrong, Cage is the man (reference previous statement about 21-year old wife). I am automatically a fan of anything and everything he does, no matter how bad he is *cough* National Treasure! *cough cough*. Such a fan, in fact, that whenever I actually evoke the name of Cage, I yell it with a ‘Dy-no-MITE’ kind of lilt to it. “Nick CAGE!” I scream. Friends say, “Nick Cage?” with the accent on the ‘Nick’ and their voices rising in question as if to ask why I think I get to call him Nick when everyone else is stuck with Nicolas. “Nick CAGE!” is my only reply.

To continue. Kal-El! In a normal situation, this kid would be as doomed as Gwyneth’s ‘Apple’ is going to be, but luckily, Kal-El is the son of Nick CAGE!, and for that reason saved from the wedgies and taunts of upper classmen. Not that people aren’t going to want to take a swing at him, of course, he’s Superman for crying out loud. It’s a burden.

The other thing we’ve learned from this experience: Nick CAGE! is an uber-nerd that reads comic books and probably went to Comicon 1982 dressed as Captain America when he was merely Nicolas Cagewalksi.

And I love him all the more for it…

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